Everyday Eco Leather Bag | Navy Blue


Dimensions: 42cm x 36cm x 10cm

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Undeniably practical everyday eco leather bag.
It is designed by ethically conscious designers and produced at a slow pace by people who love what they do.

The fabric is long-lasting PU leather on the front and 100% cotton on the back. PU leather uses fewer resources to make and it is 100% vegan, easy to clean, and quite resistant to water, sun, friction, and scratching.

Handmade in Belgrade by local Serbian producer Tanja.


Front: PU Eco Leather (100% vegan)
Reverse: 100% Cotton with Eco-Leather Pocket

To extend the life of your PU leather bag, we recommend you dust it with a dry or slightly damp cloth. If storing a PU leather bag for an extended period of time, avoid folding and pressing and remember to air it out once in a while.



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