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We design loved clothes that tell good stories.

We design beautiful and comfy clothes using biodegradable or recyclable fabrics that have the lowest possible impact on the environment. We believe and act as if our garments could talk and tell you everything about their journeys and lives of people who made them. 
We make clothes you are in love with because just loved clothes last.


We’re committed to timeless design, responsible sourcing, and ethical and slow local production.

Timeless & Long Lasting Designs

We make pieces your daughter can find in a dusty attic one day and wear with pleasure. 

Responsible Sourcing

We are observant of everything around us. We recognize our responsibility towards people who work with us and the environment.

Ethical and Slow Local Production

We treat our collaborators with kindness and pay them fairly. We support local producers and produce our pieces slowly, by paying attention to every single detail.

Inspiring Change

We are committed to leading by example and making small steps in educating our community on topics such as ethical fashion, slow fashion, sustainable living, and reducing waste.