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If you have decided to let go of the things you don’t wear, here are a few mistakes that we made along the way, as well as some ideas on how to do it better than we did.

When we have decided to start our slow fashion journeys and clean out our wardrobes, we donated 50% of our clothes to charities. Unfortunately, a few months later we found out that 10-30% of what is given to charities ends up being sold over the counter and 5% ends in the landfill.

Despite the fact this is still much better than throwing 100% of your clothes to trash, there are some better options:

Sell it online or donate to friends, cousins, friends of your friends or neighbors. This way, you will extend the life of your clothes. Extending the life of clothes by just nine extra months of active use would reduce carbon, water and waste footprints by around 20-30% each.

Organize clothing swap events and enjoy exchanging clothes with your friends. Remember the old saying that someone’s trash is another person’s treasure? While you might be tired of wearing your red jacket, it might be just what one of your friends have been looking for. We suggest you go the extra mile and organize it not just for your friends, but locally. Check out these clothing swap groups to get some inspiration and let us know if you need our help to spread the word about your group by tagging us on Instagram.

Be aware it is not easy to let go of clothes. As soon as you start sorting and packing, reasons to justify why you might need to keep something will overwhelm you. Try to be as objective as possible and don’t keep things because of what-if-I-need-it-for-a-costume-party questions. If you don’t love something, there’s really no reason to give up space to it in your closet.

Good luck!