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We are Ana and Jelena, dreamers, aesthetic persons, and nature lovers.
We appreciate the beauty in everyday things, and we are open and observant of everything around us. We also happen to be dancers, yoga lovers, and slow-fashion movement supporters.

Our Story

Few years ago, we made a choice to choose better and buy less.
Not long after, we found ourselves caring about the design and fabric of each piece we wear and coming to the realization there are no products made to last.

There is just this vicious circle which we all live in: buy cheap, throw it after a season and buy more… especially if it’s on sale.

Ever since then, we had a dream about the product that your daughter can find in a dusty attic one day and wear it with pleasure – because it is too classy and feminine to ever go out of style.

We dreamed about bringing you the sense of slow production, handmade items made by people who are paid fairly and treated with respect.  We dreamed about the moment you open the Amoroso package knowing that there is someone somewhere who is thinking about every detail and taking time to ensure quality.
And all these dreams led us to Amoroso.

Amoroso products are designed with an attitude of a free and open mind, self-appreciation and eco-consciousness.

All garments are handmade with care by local Serbian producers, from the high-quality fabrics, and sold exclusively online so that we can bring you extraordinary pieces at an affordable price.