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5 Ethical Clothing Brands to Follow

In the past few years, dozens of slow fashion brands have emerged dedicated to ethical and sustainable practices. Here is the list of some that are truly ethical at heart and aren’t just eco-friendly or fair trade for a season or two but are part of the fashion revolution. Patagonia is one of the first adopters of using recycled materials and switching to organic cotton in the world. They create women’s, men’s and children’s outdoor clothing that cost anywhere from 40€ to 200€. Free shipping is available to international customers on orders with a subtotal of ≈65€. Everlane is famous […]

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What to do with clothes you no longer need or love?

If you have decided to let go of the things you don’t wear, here are a few mistakes that we made along the way, as well as some ideas on how to do it better than we did. When we have decided to start our slow fashion journeys and clean out our wardrobes, we donated 50% of our clothes to charities. Unfortunately, a few months later we found out that 10-30% of what is given to charities ends up being sold over the counter and 5% ends in the landfill. Despite the fact this is still much better than throwing […]

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